Organizational Structure

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National PTA: 

Advocates nationally for children and youth.

Develops and funds projects national in scope.

Maintains legislative advocacy at the federal level.

Plans and holds and annual convention.

Provides field services and prepares publications.

California State PTA:

Represents PTA in youth and family education activities.

Maintains legislation advocates in Sacramento.

Plans and holds annual convention.

Provides workshops, field services, leadership training.

Prepares publications.

Fourth District PTA: (Orange County & Eastern L.A. County)

Promotes State and National PTA work.

Organizes and strengthens councils and units.

Channels information from California State PTA.

Provides workshops, programs, leadership training.

Prepares publications.

Laguna Beach Council of PTAs:

Offers resources and support through training and updates.

Provides guidance, mentoring and representation.

Promotes, supports, and provides parent education (PTA Coffee Break programs)

LBHS PTA, TOW PTA, El Morro PTA, Thurston PTA, CLC PTA (School Site PTAs):

Works at the school site for all children and youth.

Carries out the purposes of the organization.